“The passion to see beyond what is admirable to the eye

The love that is felt deep within one's soul

The mystery captured through light and form

With honesty, humility and grace...

Only then can you tell your heart to be strong enough to love true art."

- Bibi Gefre

Monday, July 22, 2013


My good friend, Suzanne, noticed a black butterfly while we were taking Simon for a walk at the park today and said it was a good sign.  When I got home, I looked for some meaning and here is something  that I liked: 

"...butterflies are used for symbolizing femininity, style and charm. On the other hand, the black color is associated with numerous human emotions and qualities that are often overpowering. These qualities are - power, authority, sexuality, mystery, sophistication, elegance, style, anger, fear, unhappiness, evil, depth, sadness, death, mourning, remorse and the unknown.
You see, in most of the stories, black butterfly is associated with change, transition, freedom and rebirth. It is symbolized as death - assume it as the death of all the bad things and misfortunes!

Morning light, silken dream to flight
As the darkness gave way to dawn
You've survived, now your moment has arrived
Now your dream has finally been born
Black Butterfly, sailed across the waters
tell your sons and daughters
what the struggle brings
Black Butterfly, set the skies on fire
rise up even higher
so the ageless winds of time can catch your wings
ooh... ooh
While you slept, the promise was unkept
But your faith was as sure as the stars
Now you're free, and the world has come to see
Just how proud and beautiful you are
Let the current lift your heart and send it soaring
Write the timeless message clear across the sky
So that all of can read it and remember when we need it
That a dream conceived in truth can never die
Cause now that you're free and the world has come to see
Just how proud and beautiful you are
Yeah, yeah, yes
Lyrics from www.elyrics.net

Thursday, July 4, 2013

HAPPY 4TH 2013

by the St. Croix River, MN