“The passion to see beyond what is admirable to the eye

The love that is felt deep within one's soul

The mystery captured through light and form

With honesty, humility and grace...

Only then can you tell your heart to be strong enough to love true art."

- Bibi Gefre

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Summer has come to a close again and the weather is starting to get nippy. It seems like the beautiful warm weather came and went too fast. Perhaps because I was horribly sick with bronchitis for five weeks straight. Taking different cocktails of antibiotics and staying in bed hacking away wasn't really my choice of fun for the summer :( But as God saves the best for last, I was able to close the season with a day of fun-filled laughter and cherished memories at the state fair with the family.

I love going to the fair... cheese curds, corn fritters, giant drumstick legs, cotton candy and french fries to name a few of so many a choice of tummy delights! The rides and games were the highlight of it all. Oh yes, I won at the water gun game and got a gigantic "Juanita" banana for my Maltese-Shih Tzu. (She loves to disect these stuffed toys by removing its cotton-like fillings).

I must say I overdid devouring a lot of "zipper" foods... a warning from my beloved late uncle-in-law who had bypass surgery and teased us to watch our diets lest we get a "zipper" on our chest.

I usually never write on this blog,just post my photos and let it speak for itself. But I guess there is always a first for everything.