“The passion to see beyond what is admirable to the eye

The love that is felt deep within one's soul

The mystery captured through light and form

With honesty, humility and grace...

Only then can you tell your heart to be strong enough to love true art."

- Bibi Gefre

Friday, May 28, 2010

Pinwheels for Mrs. Johnson

The children knew as soon as they stepped off the bus, that they will not see Mrs. Johnson anymore. She was everyone's favorite who made life a brighter day.
A few months back, doctors diagnosed her with breast cancer. But Mrs. Johnson did not let this disease phase her out and chose to work and spend her time with the school children. As she slowly lost the battle, the children made bracelets that said "GAME ON" because it was Julie's motto.
On the day of her death, students and teachers mourned the loss of a friend and companion. In memory, the school made over 700 pinwheels with special messages written on each of them.
Later, a candle vigil was held where parents recalled passed memories while children blew bubbles and wrote mementos on a special mural in the school.

You will always be missed and remembered, Mrs. Johnson. And as we live, we'll surely keep in mind... "Game on"!